One Laptop Per Child Gets Hip With a New Tablet Version

NBC posted an article announcing One Laptop Per Child set to release table devices.  Touch capabilities remove a lot of barriers and are a catalyst in learning for kids.  Here’s an excerpt from the article:

The new $100 XO-3.0 has been ruggedized for the rough handling a kid is likely to give it, and includes a wraparound cover that seems inspired by the iPad2’s Smart Cover. In a stroke of genius, the removable cover has a built in solar panel and battery so you can leave it outside to charge while continuing to use the tablet indoors

Kids need more hands-on projects to learn about IT

An article was posted yesterday called ‘Tech tinkering key to kids’ IT literacy, experts agree’ which discuss why it’s important that kids have hands-on access to technology to learn.  This aligns with what we’re all about, here’s an excerpt from the article:

Hands-on tinkering must replace textbook teaching as the primary tool for inspiring Canada’s kids to be the next generation of IT innovators, the leaders of a Toronto brainstorming event declared Wednesday.

Welcome to Tech for Kids!

Welcome to our website, things are slowly coming to fruition but there is still a lot of work to do.  The foundation is being built as we speak and all the wheels are in motion.  Our goal was to get up and running for this holiday season but realistically, everything will not be finalized until 2012.  Keep checking back for update as we will be adding content, posting news items, and building things out as much as possible throughout 2012. Thanks for coming!