Get ready for iPad texbooks

We all knew this was coming, and it makes a lot of sense! The Miami Herald posted an article about this, here’s an excerpt:

The new $100 XO-3.0 has been ruggedized for the rough handling a kid is likely to give it, and includes a wraparound cover that seems inspired by the iPad2’s Smart Cover. In a stroke of genius, the removable cover has a built in solar panel and battery so you can leave it outside to charge whileThe education market is as fragmented as they come. There are federal policies, state certifications and local controls. Will textbook committees endorse an electronic physics book in which students can experience Newton’s Laws like no static printed diagram could ever hope to replicate?  Expect Apple to make it economically easy for school districts with tight budgets to enter the age of i-education.continuing to use the tablet indoors

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